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Quality steel water tanks built to last with innovative design, technology & manufacturing standards
AND have a standard 20 year warranty they stand by.

Exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks, the AQUALINER Fresh® is a revolutionary water tank liner that keeps your water contaminant free longer than any other liner on the market. Incorporating Sanitized® antimicrobial technology, this tank liner actively fights against bacteria, mould and algae; providing you with lasting freshness.  It meets and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2005 – Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.

Pioneer’s steel water tanks are engineered to be bigger, better and stronger- committed to giving you the best product and value for money.

The walls are corrugated, with the signature “8-80 V-LOCK” design, which gives the strength benefits of corrugated steel while still presenting well. These tanks are made from high grade Australian-made BlueScope ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel at up to 2.0mm thick (enabling you to colour match with other products such as fencing and roof tiles). With over 30 years of field experience, they put the extra steel in the walls when and where it’s needed. Inside the tank wall is the liner, which has been moulded to fit and is supported by the corrugated steel. In effect, the liner is exposed to minimal stress, enabling it to last longer.

Selecting the right size Pioneer Water Tank is the most important decision of your purchase. The most common mistake is choosing a water tank too small that won’t store enough water for its use over the dry months. We are more than happy to assist you in ensuring your water storage is right for you!

Download the tank size PDF here.

Litres Gallons Diameter Height
GT 500** 500,659 110,129 14.04 M 3.24 M
GT 410** 409,836 90,151 12.70 M 3.24 M
GT 370** 367,831 80,911 12.03 M 3.24 M
GT 330** 328,096 72,171 11.36 M 3.24 M
GT 290** 290,632 63,930 10.70 M 3.24 M
GT 280 276,180 60,751 12.70 M 2.18 M
GT 250 247,874 54,525 12.03 M 2.18 M
GT 220 221,097 48,635 11.36 M 2.18 M
GT 200 195,851 43,081 10.70 M 2.18 M
GT 170 172,134 37,864 10.03 M 2.18 M
GT 150 149,948 32,984 9.36 M 2.18 M
GT 130 129,292 28,440 8.69 M 2.18 M
GT 110 110,166 24,233 8.02 M 2.18 M
GT 90 92,570 20,363 7.35 M 2.18 M
GT 80 76,504 16,829 6.68 M 2.18 M
GT 60 61,968 13,631 6.02 M 2.18 M
GT 50 48,963 10,770 5.35 M 2.18 M
GT 40 37,487 8,246 4.68 M 2.18 M
GT 30 27,542 6,058 4.01 M 2.18 M
GT 20 19,126 4,207 3.34 M 2.18 M
GT 10 12,241 2,693 2.67 M 2.18 M
GT 6 6,864 1,510 2.00 M 2.18 M

Choose your colour:


Pioneer Water Tanks Standard Tank Colour Range
Classic Cream
Woodland Grey
Pale Eucalypt
Pioneer Water Tanks Non-Standard Tank Colour Range
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Evening Haze
Manor Red
Night Sky
Shale Grey

Standard Pioneer Water Tank Inclusions

  • 1x Exclusive AQUALINER Fresh® Water Tank Liner
  • 1x Set (2) of Anodes
  • 1x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve
  • 1x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve
  • 1x Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet
  • 1x Lockable Sliding Access Hatch
  • 1x Galvanised Ladder
  • 20 Year Conditional Warranty
  • Delivery & Tank it Assembly on Your Pre-Prepared Tank Pad

Water Level Indicators

Pioneer Water Tanks carry a full range of level indicators and gauges to suit your needs, at a glance you will be able to tell how much water is in your tank.

Stainless Steel Inlet

Upgrade your standard nylon basket to a stainless steel basket- these last longer and are great if you have multiple/ larger down pipes or high inflow.

Smart Water Saver

If you have a large tank with corrugated steel roof, installing the ‘Smart Water Saver’ could give you the potential to harvest thousands of extra litres of rainwater falling on your tank roof.

For more information see this water saver flyer and video.


There are also other important considerations that may affect your decisions. If dust, insects and animals are likely to be a problem contaminating your water supply, we recommend adding Superseal to your Pioneer Water Tank, a high-density foam sealer designed to help keep vermin out and your water clean!

Geotextile Underlay

Our geotextile underlay is the ideal way to protect your AQUALINER FRESH® tank liner from being compromised by sharp objects such a rocks or coarse sand that may be caught underneath your water tank.

Fascia Strip

Customers concerned about the potential for sharp roof edges, or who want to achieve a sleeker, more modern look to their tank can purchase a custom designed fascia strip in a range of sizes, colours and designs.

Want to discuss which optional extras that are suitable for you? We are here to help and more than happy to assist. Enquire Now!

How to prepare your site for your Pioneer Water Tank

It is important to prepare your site before we come and install your Pioneer Water Tank. Before any water tank is installed, a stable sand pad foundation must be prepared. This will ensure your water investment is protected and will ensure we can install safely. There are some important things to consider when selecting your tank site and preparing the pad:
  1. The sand pad must be level, stable and free of debris prior to construction.
  2. The sand pad must be at least two metres larger than the diameter of your tank.
  3. For sloping tank sites, ensure adequate drainage to divert run off away from the tank wall.
  4. Aggregate must be placed around the circumference of your tank to stop erosion and comply with warranty conditions*.
  5. A retaining wall may be required to maintain pad integrity**.
  6. Your tank should never be left empty. A minimum load of water as shown in table below should be placed in your tank at the completion of construction, and kept at this level or above at all times (to ensure tank is secure).
** 1,000 litres of stored water weighs 1,000kgs
Geotextile: Although a properly prepared sand pad will minimise the risk of contaminants or debris compromising your water supply, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends installing a geotextile membrane for added protection. Approvals: Before you start preparing your site for installation of your water tank, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends you contact your local council to see if there are any regulations or restrictions in place.

Your Pioneer Water Tank preparation guide

Download the preparation pad PDF here.

Diameter Tank Pad Size Min. Clean Sand Required Aggregate Required Water Required After Build
GT 500** 14.04m 16.04MX 150MM 30.30m3 2.21m3 46,429L
GT 410** 12.70m 14.70MX 150MM 25.46m3 2.00m3 38,006L
GT 370** 12.03m 14.03MX 150MM 23.20m3 1.89m3 34,111L
GT 330** 11.36m 13.36MX 150MM 21.04m3 1.79m3 30,426L
GT 290** 10.70m 12.70MX 150MM 18.99m3 1.68m3 26,952L
GT 280 12.70m 14.70MX 150MM 25.46m3 2.00m3 38,006L
GT 250 12.03m 14.03MX 150MM 23.20m3 1.89m3 34,111L
GT 220 11.36m 13.36MX 150MM 21.04m3 1.79m3 30,426L
GT 200 10.70m 12.70MX 150MM 18.99m3 1.68m3 26,952L
GT 170 10.03m 12.03MX 150MM 17.04m3 1.58m3 23,688L
GT 150 9.36m 11.36MX 150MM 15.20m3 1.47m3 20,635L
GT 130 8.69m 10.69MX 150MM 13.46m3 1.37m3 17,792L
GT 110 8.02m 10.02MX 150MM 11.83m3 1.26m3 15,160L
GT 90 7.35m 9.35MX 150MM 10.31m3 1.16m3 12,739L
GT 80 6.68m 8.68MX 150MM 8.89m3 1.05m3 10,528L
GT 60 6.02m 8.02MX 150MM 7.57m3 0.95m3 8,528L
GT 50 5.35m 7.35MX 150MM 6.36m3 0.84m3 6,738L
GT 40 4.68m 6.68MX 150MM 5.26m3 0.74m3 5,159L
GT 30 4.01m 6.01MX 150MM 4.26m3 0.63m3 3,790L
GT 20 3.34m 5.34MX 150MM 3.36m3 0.53m3 2,632L
GT 10 2.67m 4.67MX 150MM 2.57m3 0.42m3 1,684L
GT 6 2.00m 4.00MX 150MM 2.50m3 0.42m3 1,684L
See this link for more details on preparation.

150mm Diameter Overflow

With an intake that is less than the overflow rate, you will avoid the disaster of a tank overflow. Pioneer Water Tanks provide the largest overflow (150mm) and down pipe on the market- providing you with the highest level of overflow protection.

Thanks to the PVC wall, which prevents the steel from coming into contact with any water, there is no need for chemical based sealants. This means no contaminants from such chemicals end up in your water.


Australian Made & Owned

Over the past 30 years, Pioneer Water Tanks have worked hard to source Australian steel, textiles and accessories. Using entirely recyclable 100% Australian ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel, all tanks are manufactured in Australia. This means you can rest-easy, knowing you will not only receive a fantastic product, but you will be supporting Australian jobs.

Fire Protection

Pioneer Water Tanks have been tested by the Australian Bushfire Cooperation Research Centre. The tanks have been built to keep their structural integrity and retain water at the fire front.

In case of a fire, you can have your Pioneer water tank designed to keep an emergency water supply reserve. Keeping your domestic supply and emergency fire supply completely separate, so that the last of your tank’s water is not accidentally used up right before it’s needed most.

AquaLiner® Double Seam Weld

Adding support for the Aqualiner® is our double seam weld. This weld has been made using state of the art fabric welding machines and is dynamically heat welded by trained experts.

This weld provides complete protection at all liner joints, and the patented double seam weld prevents seepage, drops, leaks, and wicking of your water.

Fully Concealed Bolts

Helping to provide your tank with security and a seamless finish is our unique bolt strip which conceals all external bolts along the vertical tank seam.

The bolt strip not only covers any structural bolts but also adds the additional elements of a smooth contemporary appearance that’s also tampering free.

Swivel Foot Roof Connection

Pioneer Water Tanks’ heavy duty roof connects to the body of the tank through a unique Swivel Foot Roof Connector and high-tensile bolts.

This connector safeguards your roof performance, even in the most extreme Australian weather conditions, pivoting to ensure your roof trusses connect to the tank at the optimum angle for increased strength and ease-of use.

Purchasing a water storage tank is a long-term investment which requires careful consideration and planning.  With over 30 years’ experience, Pioneer has the answers to all of your questions.

Commercial Water Tanks

Aquaflo Irrigation can assist you in your next commercial project offering a wide selection of structurally engineered 100% Australian BlueScope Steel water tanks ranging from 6,000 litres to 3,000,000 litres.

Visit this page for a catalogue of commercial Pioneer Water Tanks.

Fire Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have various capacity options and can be designed, manufactured and installed to meet AS2419 and AS2304 fire codes.

Offering a large range of outlets/ inlets and valves to suit requirements, they can be installed on sand or concrete ring beam pads.

All tanks are manufactured in Australia from high quality Australian steel and liners and comply with Australian Standards.

A Pioneer water tank was subjected to a 30 minutes flame immersion test by the Australian Government Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre in 2006. The tank maintained its structural integrity and was able to retain water during and after the firefront.

Service & Repairs

Did you know we service all types of water tanks?

Steel, concrete or poly. Ensuring it is structurally sound, Aquaflo Irrigation can reline the majority of tanks- under or above ground- with a custom-made liner that meets Australian Standards and comes with a 10-year conditional warranty.

Let Aquaflo Irrigation assist you with tank warranty compliance. We can design and implement a program to ensure the integrity of your tank aftercare. As the local accredited Pioneer Water Tank dealer and installer, we can provide repairs and replacement accessories such as leaf baskets, sacrificial anodes, outlets and fittings. Additionally, we are able to supply a variety of tank components should you wish to implement them later down the track. You can click here for more information, or feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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