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Water pumps are available in all shapes and sizes, equipped with their own unique features depending on your application requirements. Aquaflo Irrigation can size and select the right pump for your needs, while only using the best products on the market- from leading brands such as Franklin Electric, Orange Pumps, Pentair, Maxijet, Reefe and Lorentz.


Times are changing, and the need for domestic use pumps is becoming increasingly common, with ongoing dry weather and change in building codes. Let Aquaflo Irrigation assist you, with our wide range of above ground and submersible pumps, as well as a range of rain to main switch-over devices.


  • Bore pumps
  • Pressure boosting pumps
  • Variable speed drive pump
  • Transfer pumps
  • Firefighting pumps

Solar Pumps:

Solar is progressively becoming more popular in Australia, and for good reason. It is clean, reliable and a cost-effective solution for water transfer. Aquaflo Irrigation can select a solar pump for a different range of applications:

  • Solar bore pumps for irrigation, stock and water storage
  • Above ground solar pressure pumps, irrigation, stock and water storage
  • Solar pool pumps

Service/Maintenance: Like with everything – prevention is better than cure. When it comes to pumps, this philosophy could not be more true. In some instances, the pump is the heart of your system and if not serviced correctly could end up costing you more then you bargained for. Contact us today and ask about the water pump maintenance packages we have on offer.